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With more than 25 years of experience, Nothing But Clean - Window Cleaning Services has offered top quality window cleaning services in the Plano, Texas area. Throughout the years, many customers have provided positive feedback which we would like share with you.

“They take Saturday appointments! When I needed to reschedule my first appointment, it was no problem. I was given a 1 hour window for the employee to arrive from 12:00-1:00 and he arrived on time at 12:15. He gave me my estimate based on the number of windows, less the first time discount. He was very clean, quiet and respectful. He moved furniture when needed and put it back exactly as he found it. I was so grateful that he cleaned the platform over my front door. I cannot reach and he changed the light bulbs in my entryway fixture, which is too tall for my ladder. I had to leave before he had finished the outside, but I had no doubt that he would complete the job and do it well. When I returned, the job was complete, my windows looked amazing and my receipt was in the door. I could not recommend them more highly.”
It was very helpful in getting the condo sold. They gave me an estimate and that's what I paid. They came on time and worked quickly. They were very professional and very careful about the house.
The 2 man crew showed up on time and ready to work. They patiently explained what they would be doing and were very considerate because I was working from home. They took off their shoes and wore booties to keep the floors clean inside the house. The windows are so clean that it's hard to tell that the windows are closed.



Jamie and Cody were pleasant and easy to work with; careful in moving things; when they finished it was like they had never been there, except that the windows and mirrors sparkled.

The experience went exceptionally well. I had no problems with the company. In fact, the company was a prominent referral  and this company gave me the lowest bid of the referrals I got. The phone contact with the receptionist there also impressed me the most as well. I was extremely happy with them and their work.

Cody and Jeremy did a great job. Cody re-did any areas my husband and I thought we saw spots or streaks but it usually turned out to be imperfections in the glass rather than something they missed. Cody also cleaned 2 light fixtures in our 2 story foyer and dining room that my husband and I can't reach.

Called me to say they would be a bit early. They not only cleaned my windows and tracks, but cleaned my screens too. Since I had so few windows, I had a minimum charge and thought it was worth every cent!

I called yesterday and he was coming to give me a bid today. He called this morning and said there was a cancellation could they come this a.m.? They gave me the bid and did the work promptly with no fuss. Well done. I'll use them again. Nice to use someone who does exactly what he says he will do.

I called to get an estimate and they were able to give an approximate cost by phone. They were able to come the next day to look at my windows and tell me the exact and cost and were able to start work immediately. I have storm windows so the storm windows had to be taken off to be washed and to be able to clean in between the windows. It got very windy before they finished which complicated things but they still got the job done without breaking their necks!

The windows look great and the price was great, too! In some places it looks like you could put your hand right through the window they are so clean. Now I can enjoy having my blinds up and looking out my windows.
The company sent two men who arrived exactly at the scheduled time, calling a few minutes ahead to say they were close to arrival. The workers were very nice and courteous, and the work was done carefully and without incident within a few hours. The windows looked spotless and no problems were found from their ladders or washing liquid either inside or outside the house. This was the best window cleaning we have had while living in the area (since 1990).

Andrew gave me an estimate by phone and set the appointment. On the day of the job, he got here on time and worked methodically, first washing all the windows from the inside, then the outside. The screens were removed and washed. Every window was opened and the track cleaned, and the window sills were cleaned as well. Andrew was very professional and helpful. For my 20 windows, he only took about an hour and a half, yet the windows were thoroughly clean. He made sure blinds were returned to their original positions and all windows were locked before he left. I was so impressed that I asked Andrew for the company's flyers so I could refer their services to others.

They had a large number of very satisfied reports for a small company, so I decided to try them out. Most of my dealings were with Ronnie, the technician, but I also had a couple of telephone conversations with Kathy, who scheduled the appointment. When it was necessary to change the appointment, she was pleasant and accommodating. I felt that I got my money's worth and then some. I will certainly use them again and I will recommend them to my friends and family.

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